Mission Statement

“519Pursuit is a passion driven approach to meet people where they are in the underrepresented homeless community. 519Pursuit members will strive to provide the necessary means and encourage confidence to those living on the street in order to thrive in any environment. The goal is to value humanity and reinstate the unique population into functioning member of society”

Our Approach

519Pursuit is a non-profit organization designed to bridge the gap between a working society and those working through homelessness. The goal is to inspire a mass affect within the city of London to come together as a community, and create a better working support system. Through friendship and conversation, our outreach team takes to the streets in the year round to provide necessary means of warmth and comfort to get through the night. Our outreach team is volunteer based and designed as a friend-helping-friend system. Our volunteers are encouraged to take part in conversation and build rapport. Through trust and consistency, volunteers aspire to share information of already working local

services and work to see an increase of use.

Our Story

Meet the founders

From rural towns to large cities two best friends set out to live life through passion. Through education, sport,volunteerism, employment, community service and travel they have been able to create an unbreakable bond. Allison DeBlaire and Amber Irvine founded 519Pursuit in 2017 to share their ability to see the greater strengths in life. Together they do daily/weekly out reaches to see how their friends are doing along with their AMAZING volunteers. They have been able to take their network and support system and become leaders through their passion.