519 Pairs of Socks Pledge

As we prepare for another winter, 519Pursuit is excited to share a small initiative that goes a long way. Through the form of a pledge, 519Pursuit asks patrons of the city of London (and surrounding areas) to come together and raise the means of 519 pairs of socks.The pledge is great if you have been looking for a way to get involved in your community. Anyone can feel inspired to do it. Through collection of donations, we will be able to keep a support system throughout the winter months. Although it is not often thought about, socks are one of the most commonly asked-for items in shelters and other working services. Due to the harsh environment that a London winter can bring and the inability to store personal items; some of our friends can be found wearing the same damp pair of socks for days with no dry space to air out their feet or let their socks dry. When our friends wear black or other socks with dye, the damp material leaves black stains on their feet. We ask you consider white socks, however we are welcome to all donated.

Together we can strive to show that if we put our differences aside and build off of love a community can be born. Our goal as a community will be to obtain enough pledges to not only support the services within our city for the winter, but to also support our neighbouring cities. By coming together for one common goal, amazing effects can flourish in our city. The pledge can be used as a tool to encourage team bonding/work, leadership, togetherness, a positive environment, understanding, and the hopes of a better tomorrow.

Do you or someone you know sit in a leadership role at home, work, school, church, extracurricular activities or a sports team? Then we’re looking for you. We are asking that you consider taking the pledge and find passion within. When we all come together for one purpose miracles can happen. As we work hand-in-hand with our friends to create a greater plan we look to fit their journey of finding their way home. We have high hopes of showing our friends that there are more people cheering for their come up than their downfall.  The disconnection from a technology based society can at times be discouraging. We have high hopes of covering the city in Red 519Pursuit lanterns to show our friends they are not alone in this life and that together is better.

Once you have taken the pledge and begin your journey to 519 pairs socks we encourage you find it from a place of positive inspiration to share your story. Through the pledge we want to share the journey together. We ask that you get creative and find inspiration as a collective to come up with 519 pairs of socks. We will be encouraging you to take pictures and share videos of how you completed your pledge, and ask for you to consider using your social media handles to inspire and challenge other friends, family, colleagues or teammates to also take the pledge. We ask that you consider sharing a positive inspirational message that could spark light in someone else’s journey. We look forward to creating “happy news” and sharing stories about the amazing people our city is filled with

Services your donations will be supporting:
  • The Mission Services of London
  • The Unity Project
  • Y.O.U. (Youth Opportunities Unlimited)
  • London Cares
  • The Ark Aid
  • 519Pursuit Outreach Team
Positive benefits from taking the pledge:
  • Team bonding/ strength building
  • Network
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Gain better understanding
  • Create a mass support system
  • Gain/give inspiration
  • Create a positive/welcoming environment
  • Support social inclusion
  • Remove separation
  • Build leadership and other skills
  • Resume Building