Clothing recycling system

an economic approach to making full use of clothing.

We ask that those minimizing their closets and shoe shelves consider a different way of getting rid of their unwanted things. 519Pursuit accepts clothing donations year round. Volunteers sort the donations and create care packages for the friends of 519Pursuit. Clothing that is suitable for street ware is sorted and stored in bins enabling the out reach team to remain consistent. Accessible shelving holds particular clothing as 519Pursuit volunteers visit friends encouraging the upkeep of good hygiene and self confidence. Clothing that could be of use at particular shelters (ex/woman,children) and supporting services are sorted and prepared for donation. The remaining items that do not fit else where are donated to the Mission Store on York St who a free voucher program to local families. The likely hood of you seeing your clothing be re-used is great for the turn over rate we have sorting and distributing them by meeting others where they are. 519Pursuit offers three great options prior to your unwanted items reaching a landfill.

Outreach team

By meeting friends where they are 519Pursuit runs an ongoing friendship based outreach team. Volunteers gather and take to the streets to distribute conversation and care packages. By meeting others where they are true trust and bonds flourish. 519Pursuit volunteers have worked with intent to obtain trusting relationships and self encouragement within their friends. When engaging in conversation, bonds are formed. When 519Pursuit volunteers speak about the local services, their friends find interest and show curiosity. It is through that friendship and encouragement that new roots are born. Outreach volunteers provide friends with clean clothing, SOCKS, snacks, water bottles, personal hygiene supports and unique donations that suit their persona.519Pursuit volunteers are putting value back into an inclusive society through friendly outreach adventures and we encourage you to join.

519Pledge Flourished

  • Socks will be donated to local supports at their convenience.
  • Socks will provide out reach members the ability to continue with their consistency.
  • Socks can be used as an icebreaker for someone looking to support a friend and are unsure how.
  • Socks will provide a tidal wave of conversation, creating a path way to open education. Better understanding leads to a greater supportive economy.

Socks will allow volunteers of 519Pursuit to visit services in neighbouring cities. With a gift of sock donations, 519Pursuit advocates will reach out to other demographics, encouraging the conversation of a greater support system. In spite of a stronger economic push, 519Pursuit advocates shine light down the path of rekindling the success and passion put into the journeys of poverty.