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In October of 2018 the first ever 519Pledge was developed. This selfless act of giving to others was multiplied by thousands as community members joined forces to create an inventory of socks to support our friends throughout the winter months.

The 519Pledge is designed to remove the constrained interpretations and stigma’s surrounding the lives of our friends. Through conversation and understanding each donated pair of socks inspires the willingness to look past what is thought to be a person’s story and digs deeper on an empathetic path to understand one another within the community. By taking the 519Pledge individuals, businesses, organizations, sports teams and whomever else feels inspired to participate vow to raise a total of 519 pairs of socks to be donated to 519Pursuit. The 519Pledge launches October first and runs for six weeks. Over the course of six weeks members of the community are encouraged to bring homelessness into conversations with the education of what it could truly mean for someone.

In our first attempt at the 519Pledge we were overwhelmed with the out pour of community members all unifying to ensure a great deal of socks was the outcome. We had individuals, non-profit organizations, local businesses, professional athletes, church groups, classrooms and schools, as well as many other diverse folks getting involved. As a result we received over 45 pledges taken with some exceeding the 519 pair goal to up to 2,000 pairs. Over all we were able to raise 19, 988 pairs of socks over the course of six weeks however it did not stop here. As the days went on and the community joined forces the word spread through social media giving us an overall count of up to 28,000 pairs of socks to be delivered to local supporting services.

As a result from the month of November and still to this day we have been given the opportunity to supply 25 local services with 500-2,000 pairs of socks per donation drop. We have been able to make more than 35 donations across the city, not including our personal outreach team. We have had the ability to move more than 18,000 pairs of socks across the city in planning to be more prepared for the winter months and we look forward to the potential growth in the years to come. Ideally we will be able to achieve an inventory so sound that we will be able to reach neighboring cities and expand our shared resources while encouraging conversations of how together we can become the greatest anchoring friendship to those who might not otherwise be exposed to such.