Our Story

On a cold winter evening in November of 2017, Allison took a crock pot of chicken noodle soup behind a local shelter and served those who could not get a bed that night. After the first gentleman had a taste of the soup he made an announcement that there was real chicken in the soup and others came running for their bowl. Allison returned home and had a conversation with Amber about empathy, community and how to do better.

Who We Are

Through a friendship based approach and an empathy driven outreach program, kindness and understanding are at the frontlines of 519Pursuit’s work. Our foundation is built on meeting community members facing poverty and homelessness right where they are. This kickstarts reintegrating vulnerable members back into a supportive, and inclusive community. Through friendship, we are able to support honest trial and error while walking alongside someone who is wanting to do better for themselves and the community.

Step 1


Your donation is more than a donation, it is the bridge to friendship

Step 2


Your donations help curate the care packages that build friendship in the community.

Step 3


The donation of these curated care packages are adding value and changing real lives on the streets of London.

  • "Volunteering with 519Pursuit fills the gap that we feel in our lives between mindlessly sustaining our personal needs and consciously giving back to our community."
    Heather Sachs

    Heather has been a volunteer since 2018. Her dedication to our cause has been highly valued as she embodies the 519Pursuit mission.

  • "I was brought to tears the first day I volunteered when I discovered how much offering a simple smile or a blanket or a pack of snacks can do. I also was able to provide supports to someone who was recently experiencing homelessness for the first time. And I was even able to save a life by having a naloxone kit on hand one day when somebody needed it. There are some shelters being built to assist people, but volunteers are still urgently needed to provide food, clothing and a helping hand to those still living on the streets. I am glad I can be a part of such an important mission."
    Sarah Grift
  • "519pursuit has given us the opportunity to be a part of a greater movement happening in our community. The friendships that we have made through this agency have forever changed us and how we look at the importance of positive influence and sharing our good fortune"
    Gary Hlodan
  • "I live and work in London's core, and I see firsthand the care that 519pursuit is providing – a welcoming and friendship based approach to supporting London's most vulnerable. Their values and vision align with my philosophy of working toward a more inclusive community – one in which no one should feel left out or left alone to struggle – making it an easy decision for me to volunteer and contribute to 519pursuit. "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
    Dr Maya Angelou - Janet Salter