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Outreach Supervisor

519Pursuit Job Description

All eligible candidates are to submit their cover letter and resume by email to by the May 20th deadline.

General Description:

519Pursuit’s mission is to create friendships with a lasting connection and positive impact. Our Vision is an inclusive community where those facing extreme poverty can hit the reset button in order to re-energize, overcome their unique challenges, and reach their full potential.

The Outreach Coordinator Role has the following Purposes:

  • To reach out to find and engage Friends who are “living rough” on the streets and riversides of London.
  • To consistently engage Friends in such a way that is respectful, helpful, and positive; to over time get to know them as individuals, and form a Friendship relationship with them that is both helpful and sustaining.
  • To offer and attempt to provide Friends a prepared meal; and whatever other basic-need supplies or materials (hygiene, first aid, clothing, survival supplies, etc.) they may need or wish for.
  • To follow up with needs and requests over time in a consistent, individualized manner (tailored care packages; specific supplies; assistance with first aid; assistance with connecting with service providers they need to contact; etc.).
  • To offer incidental or planned follow-up assistance to Friends who are marginally housed and/or financially vulnerable.

This position will be responsible for managing 519Pursuits day-to-day outreach operations, communicating with the leadership team but also helping coordinate with other agencies and partners to help support our friends on the street. The Outreach Coordinator will provide administration and hands on support in communicating and physically delivering food and care packages to friends in need, supervise volunteers and ensure their sufficient education of our friends/training, services available to them, and volunteer schedule and overall tracking.

Administration Duties

  1. Volunteer Coordination/Scheduling
  2. Community Communications INBOUND & OUTBOUND
  3. Tracking
  4. Team Health