Did you know?

 519Pursuit offers a three-tiered system to give your clothing an opportunity at another life prior to reaching the landfill.

donation -->streets/shelters/voucher program -->landfill

When you donate your gently used clothing with our organization it does more than just give those items another chance at life before reaching the landfill. With our continuous community support, and generous donations we are able to provide personal care packages to our friends! These personal care packages not only provide warmth and comfort, they come with an instilled rebirth of dignity and humanity for our friends. Through our friendship based outreach team we are able to give these packages which allow for us to meet people where they are directly in the streets and connect more personally.

              We ask that those minimizing their closets and shoe shelves consider a different way of getting rid of their unwanted things. 519Pursuit accepts clothing donations year round. Clothing that is suitable for streetwear is sorted and stored in bins enabling the outreach team to remain consistent. Accessible shelving holds particular clothing, as 519Pursuit volunteers visit friends encouraging the upkeep of good hygiene and self confidence. Clothing that could be of use at particular shelters (ie. woman, children) and supporting services are sorted and prepared for donation. The remaining items that do not fit elsewhere are donated to the Mission Store on York St, who offer a free voucher program to local families. 

To arrange a drop off donation of gently used clothing please contact 519pursuit@gmail.com