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“If you want to create change, go into your pocket and offer friendship.”

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We are rooted in the foundation of our communities support. Our growth and ability to provide for our friends depends on your donations.

** Please Note **

We are a registered Nonprofit and do not contain a charity number to issue receipts. To obtain a charity receipt for your donation, please consider donating through our charity partner The London Food Bank. You can visit their website to donate by selecting 519Pursuit as the recipient.


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Take the 519Pledge

The 519Pledge is a sure sign of fall.

Each October 1st – November 15th we encourage the community to help start meaningful conversations around friends facing homelessness in our community while gaining donations of brand new pairs or packs of socks along the way. This year we need your help more than ever. A simple donation of socks can go a long way.

Will you help us donate 100,000 + pairs of socks in 2024-2025?

Did you know? 

Since the launch of The 519Pledge For Socks we have raised over 428,000 pairs of socks to provide for friends facing homelessness and extreme poverty in our community. This year (2024) is going to be a fun year to participate. We are on track to donating our 519,000th pair of socks. If together as a community we can raise 91,000 pairs of socks in our 6th year campaigning then we will be able to donate our 519,000th pair of socks!

Looking for a group activity to support? Have you heard of the 519Pledge? Small actions make big steps. We look forward to your participation.

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Volunteer with Us

Volunteering means to be a part of a strong, resilient team. It means being a part of a connected community that wants to do better for everybody. Amongst the canopy of connection and humanness is truly an inspiring network. As we break down stigmas and highlight societal issues that contribute towards homelessness, our friends find new life in a supportive community built upon hope and trust. Everybody for everybody. We have different volunteer opportunities. Start the onboarding process today.

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