To complete your 519Pledge Registration please follow the steps below.

  1. Enter your information (we want to say thank-you!)
  2. Hit that subscribe button on the email you receive (it may fall into your promotions folder)
  3. Receive one last email from us thanking you with an attached 519Pledge Poster
  4. Hang your 519Pledge poster, take a picture and tag us on social media @519pursuit


The 519Pledge is designed to change the conversation, perspective and stigma surrounding the lives of our friends. Through conversation and understanding each donated pair of socks inspires the willingness to look past what is thought to be a person’s story and digs deeper on an empathetic path to understand one another within the community.
By taking the 519Pledge individuals, businesses, organizations, sports teams and whomever else feels inspired to participate vow to raise a total of 519 pairs of socks to be donated to 519Pursuit. The 519Pledge launches October first and runs for six weeks. Over the course of six weeks members of the community are encouraged to bring homelessness into conversations with the education of what it could truly mean for someone.