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Mission: Our mission is to create friendships with a lasting connection and positive impact

Our Vision: An inclusive community where those facing extreme poverty can hit the reset button in order to re-energize, overcome their unique challenges, and reach their full potential

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Donation Day & Care Packages

This program is the heartbeat of 519Pursuit. What started as a clothing recycling program in the basement of a house has grown to be a distinct system that supports different care packages streamed into the community.

Click the link below to learn more about our care packages and how you can help us get them to our friends.

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Outreach Team

Our volunteers gather and take to the streets to encourage conversation and give away care packages. By meeting others where they are, the 519Pursuit team builds trust and bonds with the intention of creating relationships and self-encouragement.

When 519Pursuit volunteers speak about the local services, their friends find interest and show curiosity. It is through that friendship and encouragement that new roots are born. Outreach volunteers provide friends with clothing, snacks, PPE, lunch and daily necessity care packages which support each unique individual with their own personal care package. 519Pursuit volunteers are putting value back into an inclusive society through friendly outreach adventures.

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Better Days

Better Days is an inclusive and welcoming community event held during the summer months. Giving friends something positive to look forward to, “Better Days” encourages friends to come together for an afternoon to engage with one another in a comfortable open environment. 519Pursuit volunteers connect with friends in a setting that is different than daily outreach. Giving opportunity for one on one connection, greater conversations and time spent together in a relaxed environment friends of 519Pursuit are engaging in an inclusive social event. You can often find pizza and refreshments, free hair cuts and crafts, community garbage /environmental clean ups and fun art such as sidewalk chalk all taking place at a Better Days event.